Rick Gondelman

I remember thinking when I was a teenager that I wanted to live a conscious life. I didn’t know then exactly what that meant – only that I wanted to be as aware of Life as I could be. I had some sense that I wasn’t always aware of why I felt or acted the way that I did and I wanted to be able to make more conscious choices – choices that would create less suffering and more joy and well being in my life and in my relationships. It also made sense to me that there was more to Life than what I could perceive through my physical senses. There are, after all, sound and light waves that are beyond our physical sensory perception, and I wanted to explore the possibility that there are states of consciousness that transcend what we consider to be ordinary consciousness. This desire to live with more consciousness and awareness has been my siren call for as long as I can remember.

In answering this call, I have been a spiritual seeker and an eternal student of the world’s ancient wisdom traditions and healing modalities. Since my early 20’s, this call has led me to study and experience yoga, insight meditation, psychotherapy, Reiki, qi gong, tai chi, the Mankind Project, Ayurveda, shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kashmir Shaivism, and Kabbalah.

As a graduate of A Society of Souls, I offer a form of healing called Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, a healing modality developed from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and its paradigm of the Tree of Life and the four universes. Over the past 20 years, I have studied with several teachers of ancient wisdom, including Kabbalah with Jinen Jason Shulman of A Society of Souls in New Jersey, Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal of Mishkan Hakavana in Israel, and Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu Congregation in New York; meditation and mystical principles with Thomas Huebl of the Academy of Inner Science; Hinduism and Kashmir Shaivism with Sally Kempton; and Zen Buddhism with Adyashanti and Mukti.

The mission of the Ayeka Healing Circle is to provide a healing space that invites you to connect to your inner wisdom and create your life with more consciousness and awareness. Gain the freedom that comes with a greater ability to be with life as it is.


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