Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

What is Nondual Kabbalistic Healing and How Can It Support Me?

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) is a healing method that is based on the ancient wisdom and insights of Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism. NKH offers us a path through the Etz Chayim (or Tree of Life) to Wholeness and it is in Wholeness – where we are in relationship with what is present and with what arises moment to moment – that healing manifests.

NKH offers a deeply transformative process for anyone who is on a path of self-exploration and desires to live and create his or her life with more awareness and consciousness. It also offers a path for anyone who desires to connect more deeply with his or her inner wisdom and with the Higher or more subtle levels of Consciousness. Each NKH session creates the conditions for you to move into greater wholeness and integration, and this integration happens at your own unique pace.

This artistic rendition of Ana Bekoach is by Avraham Loewenthal. For more of his art please visit his website at journey into Wholeness touches us in unique ways as it brings to the surface anything that is not yet integrated in our lives. For example, we may become aware of unresolved anger, grief, fear, guilt, trauma, or shame and how these previously hidden feelings are being reflected in our experiences, our relationships with others, and in what we manifest in the world. With this new awareness and insight, we begin to create the space for any feeling that has been unconscious and frozen in our experience to thaw and move. Within this spaciousness and movement, we begin to feel a deeper and fuller connection with life and we gain the freedom to choose that comes with a greater ability to be with life as it is.

It is not necessary for you to have studied Kabbalah to experience NKH, and people of all spiritual backgrounds or religious beliefs can benefit from NKH. To borrow a saying of Rabbi Isaac the Blind, an early Kabbalist of the 12h century, the healing benefits of NKH are received “by way of nourishment, not by way of knowledge.”

Art Source: The three images on this page are generously provided by the artist Avraham Lowenthal. The colorful rendition of Rabbi Cordovera’s drawing symbolizing the Tree of Life is shown in the right side bar; the image shown in the body of this page depicts the Ana Bekoach, a Kabbalistic prayer; and the image at the top of this page is the Ein Ode Milvado verse in the Torah. You can visit the Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art and read about these pieces (#1, 12 and 34).


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