Nondual Kabbalistic Healing provides a map or framework for understanding the nature of Reality and connecting to the Source of Life. Rick Gondelman offers an introductory course in this profound and transformative approach to healing and spirituality. The course consists of six 2-hour sessions, and includes experiential exercises, meditations, spiritual practices and opportunities to apply the teachings to your life. During the course, we explore:

  • The four kabbalistic universes in which we live (including the physical, psychological, and spiritual universes)
  • How the view from each universe profoundly impacts how we see the world and live our lives
  • A non-dual approach to life that supports and strengthens our ability to live more consciously and that heals our body, mind and soul
  • One of the fundamental kabbalistic healings called the Healing of Immanence

Please contact Rick (see Contact page) if you would like more information or to find out when the next 6-session course is scheduled.

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